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New album “Bouquet” features “Flowers”

In 2011, unnatural released a concept album “Bouquet” which includes 14 songs, permeated with the theme of “Flowers”.Photos of flowers were taken and edited by Itsuka. The rock tune “Friendship” was used for the Olympus new camera campaign movie. unnatural is starring in the movie.

Released on 2011.11.11
Including 14 songs

1. only human  PV *OP Song of “PEN-FRIEND unnatural” by Olympus
2. up 2 u
3. Passion
4. Hollywood  PV
5. u’ll be ok
6. Memory card  PV *Theme Song of “PEN-FRIEND unnatural” by Olympus
7. Hands
8. Little girl  PV
9. FOCUS *ED Song of “PEN-FRIEND unnatural” by Olympus
10. W.A.B.K.
11. Friendship PV  *Image song of Olympus OM-D EM5
12. RULEs
13. Possibility
14. What can I do for you (*Bonus Track) *Dedicated to Japan Earthquake Victims


Song Description

#1 only human

Image flower: Gerbera (Flower language: Patience)

Even if they try their very best, people still make mistakes and trip up. At such times, it’s often best to slow down a bit and take the weight off your shoulders. After all, there’s no such thing as a perfect person! This grand and rising new track from acoustic duo unnatural isn’t about the standard J-pop theme of love, but the bigger theme of life.

#2 up 2 u

Image flower: Dianthus(Flower Language: bold/pure love)

Singing about the feelings of a girl who goes on a first date with her friend who were friends for a long time. Beautiful harmonies,mandolin and slide guitar will take you to the Country Pop world.

#3 PassionImage flower: Passion Flower(Flower Language:Passion)

Emotional country rock singing about a complex relationship. What are you going to do when you have feelings for someone who is already taken? Vocalist and guitarist Itsuka’s melodic voice floats over the listener while the percussion of Mitsu keeps them grounded.

#4 Hollywood!

Image Flower:Pansy Flower(Flower Language: Pensive)

Even if you fall out of love, you can’t be depressed for a long time. You need to face forward and take another stride towards. This song is written in English. All photo of the movie taken by Itsuka.

#5 u’ll be ok

Image FLower:Geranium(Flower Language:Comfort)

If you are suffering and depressed, come to me and talk about it. This song is an encouragement song for friends. You will enjoy the mixture of Reggae and Country music spice in this song.

#6 Memory Card

Image flower: White Rose(Flower Language:You are the right person for me)

Emotional rock ballad with12 strings guitar. Compared to the celebrities and politicians, we have no influence to the world. We can’t make a history, we might be too soon forgotten. So, I will be the witness of your life. I will remember your words.

#7 Hands

Gentian(Loving grieving you) Gentle ballad, dedicated to all the girls out there feeling lost in their relationships. Love is sometimes difficult to understand… You think that you’re in the same place, but without noticing it, gradually drift apart, and end up facing in opposite directions.____

#8 Little girl

Image flower:Azalea(Flower language:Moderation/Discipline)

Groovy rock ‘n’ roll number dedicated to you who is always criticizing other people. It’s time to graduate from a life of frustration. It’s all up to you whether you try your best or stay as a complainer.


Image Flower:Poinsettia (Flower language:My heart is burning)

An Earthy country rock expressing the real-life emotions of a girl who has fallen head-over-heels in love with that special someone, and is focused completely on them.

#10 W.A.B.K.

Image Flower: Cosmos(Flower Language:A girl’s true heart)

It’s a great age when, searching for a soulmate, things become clearer. No matter how hard they are sought after, they are not easily found, but there are always people there. It’s this irony that unnatural sings about in their latest single.

#11 Friendship

Image flower:Hydrangea(Flower Language:Heartlessness)

Singing about the difference between a close friendship and a close relation. Some people believe that when friendship becomes stronger, it may turn into relationship. Recently, the heroine lost her friend because she couldn’t accept her/his feeling.

*Olympus OM-D EM5 image song.

#12 RULEs

Image Flower:Dahlia (Flower Language:dignity)

Banjo-Rock Cheering for all the salary-man and salary-woman who is under a lot of stress. Once in a while, you need to take a break and let the tension of your shoulders or you will die for overworking.

#13 Possibility

Image Flower:Ixora chinensis(Flower Language:Enthusiastic)

No matter people say, you should trust in yourself and your dream. All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. You still have possibility.


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